What is the timeline for volunteer activities?

European Athletics Team Championships will be held on May 29-30 at Stadion Śląski, but some volunteers will begin their activities as early as May 17. Most volunteers will not be engaged until May 28 – it all depends on the zone assigned. Support in some areas will also be needed after the championship concludes, through June 1.

Who can volunteer?

Anyone aged 16 years or older can volunteer at this event. On the other hand, only adults will be engaged to work in the championship area and the medical assistance and doping control area.

How do I apply to volunteer?

Anyone interested is invited to fill out the registration form. Applications will be accepted from April 1 through May 9.

When will a person be notified that they have been accepted as a volunteer?

Each person who successfully completes the registration process will receive an email on May 10 confirming their acceptance to volunteer and informing them of their assigned activity zone. 

Will the volunteers be trained?

All volunteers will be invited to participate in training sessions, during which we will provide detailed information about the event itself, necessary instructions, as well as familiarize them with the scope of activities within the various volunteer zones. Attendance at training sessions is mandatory. Given the current epidemiological situation, some training may be conducted online. Volunteers will be notified by email how the training will proceed.

Does the organizer provide personal protective equipment?

Yes, the organizer provides all necessary personal protective equipment i.e. masks, gloves and gel for disinfection.

Does the volunteer get a meal?

Yes, we provide one meal for each day for all volunteers during their engagement.

Will the volunteers be insured?

Yes, all registered volunteers will be covered by personal accident insurance.

Does a volunteer need to know a foreign language?

Yes, conversational level of English is a requirement for volunteers.

Does the volunteer get remuneration?

According to the statutory definition of volunteering, it is a selfless, voluntary, conscious and unpaid activity. Thus, no remuneration will be paid for volunteer work at the European Athletics Team Championships. 

Volunteers will receive a welcome packet consisting of t-shirts and necessary equipment. To show out gratefulness for your time and commitment during the event, we will prepare additional commemorative packages for all volunteers, which will include certificates and small gifts.

Does the organizer provide accommodation for volunteers?

No, the organizer does not provide accommodation for volunteers.

Will volunteers be tested for COVID?

Due to the epidemiological situation, volunteers will be referred for mandatory COVID testing.

Will the volunteers be provided with transport?

On May 21-31, upon presentation of a valid accreditation, volunteers will be able to travel free of charge by public transport around the agglomeration. Free of charge travel will be possible in all cities covered by the ZTM as well as on the way to the Katowice-Pyrzowice airport. This way, volunteers will be able to freely reach the designated places to carry out their activities.


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